Bobby Flay’s Italian Recipes


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  1. The Sicilian way is to drop of the a at the end, closer to "ricotte" than the stupid ass "Ri-ckotta" shit that people are saying here in america. When someone tries for some speaking credibility they say "Ricotta" and over emphasize the ending to make it sound foreign, when really, from all my family and friends – it is pronounced "Ri-cOTTe"

  2. @chichakyan123 Yeah, the point is these folks, whatever their talent level, are recreating peoples' perceptions of cooking. I don't think anyone will step forward and say Flay or Battali or Garces are the best chefs on the beat, but they do a lot for the culinary arts and making them accessible. It's moronic to miss that. People are so trivial.

  3. @BrigantiAlMuro Learn English before you criticize anone else's pronunciation of Italian. That language ain't much for anything other than food anyway.
    No wonder you people are always have heart attacks and ulcers… I'd be pissed off too if I had to sing every fucking word I was trying to say.

  4. I would lthink the the cultures who invented a particular dish would have PERFECTED the dish; Flay is a cocky braggart who uses cilantro in practically every dish./ He even tried to get Giada to put cilantro in one of her tomato sauce dishes; she told him Italians do not put cilantro in spaghetti sauce. His use of the phrase "Thrown Down" proves his arrogance and lack of respect fo other cultures.

  5. Omoshiroi, Flay is not a redneck; he is an Irishman who was born in Manhattan. He annoys me because he constantly brags and tries to reinvent the wheel by changing traditional ethnic recepies. WHen He comes on TV, I trun him off. He should try to perfect, as he says, Irish food which consists of Guiness Stout, soda bread and lamb stew.

  6. I guess we should get used to accept an "international" version of italian cuisine, in which original recipes are adjusted to meet foreign tastes (something similar to what happens to chinese cuisine).
    Of course, if you want to taste the original recipes, you must go just in Italy 🙂


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  8. huh? i love how people make statements witout *any* examples for their reasons. i think he's actually a brilliant chef, despite his frat-boy sort of image.

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