Black Lentil Soup Recipe – How to Make Lentil & Bacon Soup


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  1. I just made this but with green lentils, cubed pancetta instead of bacon and a can of peeled tomatoes instead of the chicken broth, so basically i made something completely different, but i followed the same steps and same spices. I am writing this comment just to point out how great the soup was when i added the cubed avocado, especially because i think i added too much heat and the avocado creaminess canceled out that excess.

  2. Hey Chef John, why do you serve your soup with a desert spoon and not a proper soup spoon? . It's like drinking wine out of a poly styrine cup. Not to be critical or judgemental or anything. ……. lol!

  3. How should I go about the chicken broth/stock?
    I generally feel dirty buying premade stock from store shelves, but the time it would take to make some decent chicken stock wouldn't exactly make for an intuitively quick or easy meal.

    To those who have tried it and have yielded the fruits of their labor, what did you opt for?

  4. a few of my ingredients were slightly different, but this was the most amazing lentil soup (mine was more a stew) i have ever made. and mine got blinged up nicely with creme fraiche…..omg soooo good! my first recipe with black lentils & definitely not my last.

  5. I made it tonight.  Came out very good.  The whole family enjoyed it.  I didn't have bacon; used Big Fork Hickory & Applewood Smoked Uncured Bacon Sausage instead.  Yup.

  6. Hi. I don't eat bacon (mostly don't eat meat, but never pork). Would  the fake bacon bits work in this? I assume you'd want to add them more towards the end as they would probably get mushy if cooked too long.  I guess I could also make regular veg bacon and add it at the end. The other thought I had was to add liquid smoke rather than 'bacon.' Would that give more of the taste of the original soup or take it in another direction? Love your videos, even if I don't eat a lot of what you make.

  7. so are we saying that green lentils wont hold up the same as the black lentils?
    I have green lentils. truth be told ive cooked many many things even things most people here in America would never cook but I have never cooked a lentil. my wife said lets have lentil soup. I didn't tell her I had never made it before because I figured out of everything ive ever made it can not be that hard. so shhhh tell me if these green ones will hold up like those black ones do. because that soup looks great.

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