Black Lemon Chicken Recipe


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  1. Lemon doesn't really burn, or it may burn, I don't know. What I know is that we sun dry lemon until its completely dry and black and use it for tea, grilled meat, fish spices and curries and it tastes great.

  2. Hey John, would the sauce be too intense to thicken with a little corn starch and spoon over chicken and serve with a vegetable omitting the greens? Trying to save my lazy ass from a grocery store trip.

  3. Complaints over the ocada advert. 1) Who spends over £40 for a meal? (this is to reach the minimum spend limit) and 2) We see a Tesco in the background but he uses plain blue carrier bags which break easier than tesco carrier bags.

    Onto a more positive plain, this looks fantastic, I am thinking though will it work with duck?

  4. I tried this for New Years and loved it. It was my first whole chicken and i don't think I will try it any other way unless of course I see another tasty recipe you put up. lol I love you chef John thanks sooo much.

  5. Yeah, but when you cook at home you have total control over what goes in it. People rely way to much on premade meals, its sickening. If you can't bother cooking it yourself why are you watching these recipes?

  6. Wanna know whats great?
    Chicken with Honey-Chilli Crust!
    Thats EPIC!
    If u'd like to make him to cook this, give me thumbs up please, so he can see it!

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