Black Eyed Peas Soup Video Recipe by Bhavna


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  1. Hi bhavna, how can we rotate your videos to f to fit the screen of iPhone. Because the current screen is too small.
    Actually whatever I am typing in this window is also not visible. So I am randomly typing

  2. I've never personally tried barley with black eyed peas, but I have with other beans, and they go well together. Barley also has similar nutritional value to wheat pasta. It will take longer to cook though, you would probably want to simmer it in the stock for at least 30 minutes, 45 would be better.

  3. Hi Bhavna Thankyou So much for the information how come I missed it, I did watched the vegetablw stock video today. Thankyou so much I really appreciate that you replied.

  4. Hi Bhavna the soup looks yummy will surely make it, but i had a question the vegetable stock you used in this recipe is homemade or store brand like swanson or some othe brand and if you have made the vegetable plllllllzzzzzzz make a video on how you make the Vegetable Stock. Thank you.

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