Black Bean Patty Vegetarian Recipe


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  1. tasty recipe, thank you Sandy. I did the paste into little balls, added panko crust (flour+egg+panko), and fried them. Result was very good, everyone loved it! Very nice appetizer!

  2. Thank you for watching! and Yes, I didn't say Vegan, I'm a vegetarian either, but I do like eating vegetarian from time to time.. a little bit of bacon wont kill me 😀 thanks for stopping by, have a lovely weekend!

  3. Sorry it took me so long to answer! I cooked the beans my self, but you can definitely use can beans, just add less salt to them.. I cooked mine with 1 onion, couple garlic cloves and some salt and a bay leave. 😀

  4. The recipe says Vegetarian, not Vegan. The bacon is artificial (which is obvious from the video) and the bullion can easily be substituted for both Vegetarian and Vegan versions which Knorr (the brand she is using) sells worldwide.

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