Bitter Gourd Fry | Healthy Recipes


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  1. Very nice, tasty recipe.
    Can we add salt to cut bitter guard and keep it aside for some time so that bitter water separates out from it. Then we squeeze the bitter guard so that all bitter salty water is completely removed and then continue with the recipe. Is it a correct method? Just asking for your suggestion.

  2. I tried this recipe as I did for several of your other superb recipes..but inspite of frying bittergourd slices properly (golden brown colour),the crunchy fry was too bitter…can you give some tips to remove extreme bitterness of these type of bittergourds …thanks and regards Hemaji…👍

  3. Hi mam I don't have dessicated coconut… Shall I add fresh coconut instead… Kindly clarify… And thanks for such a simple amazing recipe… I love your channel mam☺️

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