Binging with Babish: Louis C.K.’s Potluck Fried Chicken


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  1. I can only chicken fry flat things… well if you want it to be fantastic, if I do stuff like fried chicken it is only very good no idea why that is though. I mean I gave what is basically a chicken fried steak with venison to my dad and his freinds and I found 4 50$ bills in my wallet that I did not have I was confused, they eventually me they paid me for that and just got too drunk and never said so. I never asked for money in fact for the first half hour I was very standoffish granted I did totally give in as it was a fun group but one guy demands I never pay for anything as it quote "Made me give up and get mad at being homophobic" food bring light to the world.

  2. If I see anyone season their chicken right before cooking it instead of letting it sit and using breadcrumbs or corn flakes as batter or an egg batter I don’t trust your judgment

  3. He Just completely destroyed his own career, but could've just paid an escort or prostitute to do whatever. Like he had the money, and at the time, celebrity and influence to be able to do that on the DL, but what the fuck does he do?…smh. What a fool.

    Done played yo self.
    Or played wiff yoself'.

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