Binging with Babish: Goodfellas Prison Sauce


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  1. You should do the Chillean Seabass dish from Jurassic Park. When I was younger I always thought he said "Chili and Seabass". It took me working in a fine dining restaurant to feel like an idiot.

  2. my dad said he saw this movie in theaters and when this came on it made him super hungry and i was watching this and he came into the room and said “jesus” and left 😂

  3. Recently started watching your awesome videos, thank you for all your hard work, been a line cook for a while, and understand the hard work that goes into every dish. Also a moment of realization that I've wasted my life.

  4. I just wanna have some goodfellas prison sauce for dinner BUT GUESS WHAT INGREDIENT IS ILLEGAL FOR KIDS UNDER 21 TO DIGEST, YOU GUESSED IT WINE, is there any way I could make it with out the adult juice, and no I'm not talking about the end im talking about an actual ingredient 1:56

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