Big Tray Power Steamed Chinese Rice Rolls (Home Made Rice Roll Recipe Included)


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  1. I have been able to lift the noodle of the plate but it breaks when I try to work with it to add shrimp to it after cooked .. do you need to clean the pan after each roll is cooked as there seems to be residue left on the plate. so rather than pour less batter, you said to add more water for a thinner roll? My rolls were pretty thick using only one label full

  2. Fantastic! I just tasted rice rolls for the first time in Hawaii. I have been eating Chinese food all my life, but for some reason, I had NEVER seen rice rolls on a menu! We were at a dim sum palace in "old" downtown Honolulu, and they came around with a cart that had a grill similar to the one the first part of the video – but small. The rolls were delicious – I had shrimp and green onion. It is wonderful to know that I can now make them at home! I have an Oriental market near me (which is lucky, considering that I live in Arizona), and will be buying rice flour tomorrow. I have subscribed to your channel to find more great recipes. Thank you!

  3. How come you put the meat mix with the flour mixture? I believe you minced the meat first. Then you add the ingredients on the flour mixture over the flat metal plate.

  4. Sir, thanks for sharing the making of the Chinese Steam Rice Rolls, next time you try to add in 1 part of rice flour to 1/2 part of tapioca flour, 1.5 parts of water, pinch of salt. You have to steam the plate until it is hot, then pour a thin layer of batter, just like we make pancake, the thinner the rice roll, the batter it will be.

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