Beurre Blanc Tutorial | The French Cooking Academy


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  1. Chardonnay elsewhere are a little sweet? Really? Having been in the wine and spirits business for decades; I'd love to know where you're getting these sweet chardonnays.

  2. You want a back story? (cracks knuckles) Here we goooo!  It was when Napoleon fought his way to the Black Sea during his conquest of Russia in 1812 when the name Phillippe Beurre first came to prominence.  Having gotten to the Black Sea, Napoleon wanted to celebrate, and ordered his chefs to prepare a special dish.  Many of the chefs, not wanting to disappoint him, walked into the sea.  This caused a feeding frenzy of the soviet pike-fish, and Monsieur Beurre ordered the soldiers to catch as many of the fish as they could.  Thinking fast, Msr. Beurre poached the pike and created a sauce out of the last of the butter, shallots, and white wine that hadn't turned to vinegar.  Napoleon was delighted, and pledged that henceforth, all white sauces would be called Beurre Blanc, in honor of the humble cook.  Fun Fact: Msr. Beurre was the 147th person to be executed by guillotine for his pyramid scheme: "Voila! Butter Incredulite!"

  3. May ask why you add both white wine and white wine vinegar?
    Don't they serve the same purpose in reduction?
    I presume the combined taste is more desirable when compared to using either alone, but can you please explain how exactly?

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