BETTER THAN TAKEOUT Pepper Steak – Chinese Beef Stir Fry Recipe


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  1. I've made it last night for some friends. They really liked it 🙂 It's not a lot of work and good result. I was most suprised at how well the baking soda trick worked

  2. Made this tonight…. Delicious!! Had two small sirloin filets I wanted to do something different. Served over pile of rice. Thank you for sharing this recipe! This is a keeper!

  3. Thank you so much for this recipe! I uses the technique of heating up the wok for more than 3 secconds AND cooking the meat then vegetables then meat and veg together. I made a nice breakfast and lunch out of it! Thank you!

  4. Are those just regular sweet red and green peppers? They looked different in shape. I need to use the baking soda thing. Have you used Sherry or other wine instead or rice wine?

  5. Omg followed your recipe step by step and it came out delicious! Meat was very tender and soft, entire dish is very flavorful! subscribed I can't wait to make more of your delicious recipes. Xoxo

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