Better than takeout Chinese recipes | guest The Recipe Critic – Top Food Blogger #1


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  1. Hi Ashlee, thank you so much for this video. I have just one question and hope to hear from you soon. If I cook this for dinner, my husband usually likes to bring the leftover for his lunch ( the next day ), so how should I keep the leftover from last night? Thank you x

  2. Saw this a few weeks ago and finally made it yesterday. It was a HUGE hit with my whole family. We love Chinese night and I usually buy the frozen breaded chicken (so pricey for such a little bit) but we tried this and we're sold. Thanks so much ladies!

  3. wonderful keep up the great work! i really enjoyed! i have a few ideas for you id love to see making and eating a turkey sandwich on sliced bread, def more groceries hauls, roasting a bread stuffed Tommy the turkey the whole process and then a leftover sandwich version, baking wheat bread, and lastly a whole suckling pig in the oven? thanks be well 🙂

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