Beth's Galette Des Rois Recipe (King Cake) | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH


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  1. I live in Ireland but I was fortunate enough to spend a few months in France and my wonderful neighbour there, Melanie, made this for us and gave me the recipe (in french!). It's beautiful. I didn't understand some of the weights she had written and never clarified it with her before we had to come back home quite suddenly and unexpectedly. Unfortunately, we haven't made it back since. But at least now I know where I'm retiring to.

  2. I absolutely love your videos. I've learned so much from watching you cook. I love your style and the recipes are amazing. Thank you so much!! Sending love from Canada 😊

  3. The chocolate idea is so clever – I always get so nervous by non-edible things in cake. Here we have a similar tradition, but with a whole almond instead. And a price for the finder.

  4. Hi I just I was making this receipe, but I don't know why my almond paste are running during baking. Before put stuck in between 2 pastry sheets, I think pretty much too softer than your Youtube video Almonds mix, so I did freezer for hard, then I put in that. But during baking process , it was going to running from 2 sheets….. it was not so much sheering enough ? maybe ?

  5. That's really an american thing to be afraid of the fève ! 😂
    But the idea of placing something edible is good ! One of my friends uses caramelized nuts, like pralines ! 😉

  6. Hello Beth!
    I was wondering what menu's of yours you would suggest for kid's party. I was recently in a musical with a huge cast of kids (Miracle on 34th Street) and I want to host a small party for them so we can all see each other and catch up in the new year. I am still in college so space, gadgets, and money are not abundant, but I want to make these clever kids something fun and healthy. It will be about 14 people ages 8-13 and then myself and one other grown up. Thank you for your amazing videos!
    – O

  7. Oh, my! Sounds delicious! I have always put my pies in the freezer while the oven heats. What a difference. Gives you such tender, flakey crusts. I will try this, but you are killing my new "eating healthy" New Year's Intentions, Beth. LOL Oh? What? Share? Drats!

  8. By the way Beth, I am a beginner cool, and I have a unorganized kitchen. Can you show me how you organize your kitchen. I'm in the Asian side, and we have many pots, pans, and spices. We usually take up counter space, it is very difficult.

  9. Thanks for the recipe Beth! In Spain we have a similar tradition with our "Roscón de Reyes". Inside we also put some gifts and surprises. This galette looks fantastic. french cuisine is fantastic.

    Take care,


  10. Hi Beth!!! I am seriously in love with your channel. I love the variety of food you make, and you think about all food eaters. You give alternatives and you include everyone. Beth, do you know how to make quesadillas? They are my favourite food, but the only one I make had plain cheese because I don't know what will make my quesadilla taste good. Sometimes I am even concerned that I may not make it right. Would you show me how?

  11. fève is actually french for bean! here in quebec my mom hides a dry/uncooked bean and a pea so that we can have a king and a queen! i thought this was the tradition for la fête des rois mages! nice to learn new traditions!!! and we all know they are hidden so we chew carefully 😉

  12. This video made me so happy!! It was definitely worth the wait! I actually learnt a couple of tricks to make mine even better! Thanks a lot Beth, hope you and your family had a lovely holiday season! x

  13. Oh that's nice Beth ! 🙂 I'm making my own chocolate and pear this year, with, as always, a little Louis d'Or (fake obviously, because it was the currency used in France during the reign of King Louis XIV. This coin tradition is also used when the Chandeleur (Our crepes day) happens and as we flip the first crepe in the pan we hold the coin and make a wish ! 🙂

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