Beth's Foolproof Madeleine Recipe | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH


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  1. If only you opened one in half to let us see how it looks inside and whether or not it is good. 🙁
    A lot of recipes online aren't accurate or fool-proof.

  2. Hi Beth,
    In the past, I could find lady finger cookies in metal containers that tasted to crunchy and sweet. In the present, they are sold in clear plastic wrapping that caused them to be dried, brittle, and stale. I hope you will post a recipe for them. Saving money and having a homemade sweet would be so lovely 🙂

  3. Aww.. Your dear husband was born on rue de Madeleine… quelle bonne chance.. Don't laugh at my french effort…. You make everything look so effortless. I'll be trying that very soon. Thanks Beth

  4. Thank you for posting this recipe, my boyfriend loves it <3
    This may be a stupid questions, but I do want to know how you could take the madeleine out from the mould without them sticking to it? I am using the nonstick one and I put a thin layer of butter on the moulds before putting the batter in.

  5. I've made these for my wife using other recipes, even Julia Childs', and this came out the best! I especially found the tip about brushing in the cooking spray onto the pan. I've brushed on butter before but like you said, burnt sides. 8 minutes was also clutch, i've tried 10-13 and those came out too crispy. Lemon zest is my go to, maybe because that batch most closely resembled my first experience eating one of these dreams. Thanks for the tip about using an ice cream scoop for uniform sizes. Thanks!!!

  6. I have made them, they taste delicious look delicious when fresh out of the oven. My only question is for the left overs. I noticed that after they "dried" they were sticky and got stuck to one another in the basket. I would assume they would be dry and not stick to each other? Is that what happens to them or did I add too much sugar or is it the lemon that can do that or what? Anyone has had this issue?

  7. Beth, how would suggest storing them? My husbands coworkers are requesting more, but I’d need to cook them the day before since he leaves so early. I know if they are in an air tight container they get mushy.
    Right now they’re in a paper towel liner Corningware dish with the lid just sitting atop, not sealed.


  8. OH MY! These were easy & super delicious! I had a “dry”run as we are having a Birthday Tea Party in a coupe of weeks, & these were amazing! Thank you, thank you! 💙

  9. Your recipe, your presentation, your tips, the production values are so great—-why do you need that under drone of sound from music. You straight up are an expert at this and have worked out all the kinks. Be proud to let your session be a teaching opportunity and loss the annoying underlying background sound.

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