Beth’s Foolproof French Macaron Recipe


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  1. Hi Beth, I only have one tray. So when I bake the first batch of macarons, where should I leave the pastry bag? Does it sit well in room temperature or should I pop it in the fridge?

  2. My first batch came out brown and not soft inside at all. So I adjusted the oven setting, put my second batch in, checking every two minutes or so if they would turn brown again – they didn't. My timer went off after the 20 min.. as I come into the kitchen my oven is smoking and as I open it the fire alarm goes off.. two minutes ago the macarons were totally fine! My oven normally has a very accurate temperature but obviously I should recheck that..
    My advise to everyone: Please take care trying to make macarons! :D

  3. I failed so many times and still cant do it. Im sure its because i always underfold or over fold but i feel the need to over fold because it always has little lumps even after i sift my dry ingredients. ;-; Also they came out so flat.

  4. hey there!
    I'm having an issue with the raspberry butter creme. everytime i make the raspberry butter creme the butter ends up seperating from the raspberry, and i dont know what to do 🙁
    please help me!

  5. hi! I'm from Afghanistan and just found ur channel you are perfect! but I'm really confused about the baking! should i turn the upper heat first or the bottom one? how much ti.e it takes? pleeeeeeeease help me

  6. Hi Beth.
    Excellent video, I liked your tips and the way you showed the steps of making french macarons.
    Nevertherless, I find it difficult to determine the volume of egg whites to be used.
    Could you please give some guidance on it as well? What egg sizes do you recommend: Medium or Large?
    I wonder if you were able to give some figures in ounces or mililiters, which might be more accurate as egg sizes can vary from country to country. Many thanks.

  7. My mixture was very runny and I felt like it was over mixed because it was flat when I piped it (with a wide baking tip); but oddly enough some of them cracked. Any tips?

  8. Dear Beth! I made your recipe macaron for christmas party we had at work and every one went crazy for them. Now I want to make them for a bigger party, but I'd like to make them at least two days before the event. I'd like to know how to store them so they stay fresh. also I am planning for 200 people for my brothers wedding but i m not sure how much of all the ingridents I should prepare ! please please help me!!!

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