Beth’s Easy Apricot Galette Recipe | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH


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  1. Entertaining with Beth 🎉Congratulations on your wonderful channel, talent and work!!! Best regards! I do strongly suggest to avoid rings on the fingers, even bracelets, when using our hands into the food. Let's try to share this good practice around, for healthy cleanliness in what we eat! Mostly if you are showing preparations in public, to be possibly tasted by others than yourself. Hope you agree with my suggestion and make it your own. I will definitely try this recipe my self! Looks so yummy!!!!! Success!!!!

  2. i made this following the instructions exactly. it turned out perfect. whatever i make from your channel it always turns out exactly as it should. your instructions are the best ever!! seriously. this was adored by my friends, they actualy think i can bake.

  3. Hi Beth! I want to make this for my husband's family, but many have to eat gluten free and sugar free. Do you have any ideas for how to make it that way? I was thinking maybe an almond flour, but i dont know how to subsitute the sugar without using something like fructose (the flavor is never the same) but that might be the only way to do it. Do you think honey or maple syrup would work for "dressing" the fruit? Also, I was thinking about adding in dark cherries along with the apricot. Do you thing those flavors would go together? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  4. I have a life hack for pie crusts, scones, biscuits, etc. Instead of awkwardly crumbling in the cold butter into the flour with your hands, you can grate your cold butter and just mix it in.

  5. hi beth! i really want to make this for my mother's birthday coming up, but being from australia fresh apricots aren't in season during winter 🙁 is there any way i could possibly use canned apricots? thanks! 🙂 

  6. I hope this also works when using half of it. I'm not in the US and when I first saw that you need almost 1kg of Apricots, I knew that that'd be way more than enaugh. How many people does this usually serve? I thought about around 12 people, so yeah…

  7. Beth just wanted to say that I am mesmerized by the art direction of your channel. The colors, composition, editing is superb. Love too, the way you incorporate decorative items. The china, cutlery, linens, flowers, et al is always stylish and never overdone. So, all that to say, you (and your team) are dynamite. And of course the recipes with your method is great.

  8. Where did you get your wooden cutting board? I've been trying to find out big enough to role pastries dough like you did in the video. Thank you for your lovely recipes. I always enjoy watching you make cooking fun and easy. 🙂

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