Beth’s Classic French Apple Tart


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  1. Hi Beth! I made this wonderful tart and everybody loved it! Someone asked me to make another one and I was wondering how much I can charge for baking it. I have a 12" tart pan. I'd appreciate your help. Thanks a lot in advance!!!

  2. My tart came out soggy 🙁 i would suggest blind baking the tart first. Also, although adding lemon juice to my apple petals prevented browning…this made them very sour! The apple slices are very thin and thoroughly soaked up any lemon juice very quickly.

  3. would this work if it is prepped the day before and baked the day of? or even cooking it the day before?
    planning on making this for thanksgiving, but I don't want to rush it the day of. anyone, please respond! thank you!!

  4. Dear Beth, I made this tart the other day, and you re right its a real show stopper! Thank you, Thank you!  Wish I could send you a picture.  I'm thinking of making it with almond cream the next time. Thoughts?

  5. i am so amazed at how you are able to go through the recipes so fast and thorough and i love how everything always turns out good i love your channell!!

  6. Had a chance to try this recipe and I have a few things to add. First if you have a food processor, make sure all your ingredients and tools are chilled. I had to go by hands but it was still a messy blob of dough even though the butter was cold solid. But all seems fine after a dash of flour is added to bring all together. The compot and the Apple petals were ready. I assembled everything and the tart was baking in the oven without being blind baked as suggested, the dough never turned out cooked throughly. Maybe it's because I was using a glass tart mold. I'd recommend prebake the tarts shell beforehand.

  7. I am french and impressed by your french inspired recipes ! The apple tarte seems increddible just as your macarrons and crepes !! Plus I like your videos because you have the gift to explain very well your own tricks ! I will try a lot of your recipes ^^

  8. I tried and yes it's easy as it look… friends love it and I got request this coming week instead of a birthday cake. Thanks Beth for easy to follow and fail proof recipe…

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