Beth’s Christmas Dinner Recipes (MINI-MENU!)


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  1. Beth, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I wanted to thank you for such an amazing recipe. I made the beef fillet tonight for our christmas dinner. It was the first time I ever made anything using your recipe and I wanted you to know the beef came out perfect. It was everything that I anticipated. Thanks again and God bless you xoxo

  2. Beth!! I am planning on making this whole menu for my sisters birthday which is in a week, but we don't like our meat red, we like it really well done, but we really want to make this! What can I do 😥😥 Thanks 😄

  3. I wish your my mom or my mom in law I love my mom so much n she is my role model but I love all your recipe and everything you make , the tips thank you so much … I made some of your cooking here and it's a grand slam winner ❤️❤️❤️ saying or writing thank you is not enough to express how thankful I am and find you here in YouTube . God bless you n your family .

  4. Hey beth! I'm gonna try this menu for this year's new year eve dinner (: does anyone have any idea what kind of dessert will go well with this menu? I wanted to make a cheesecake but I'm afraid that it would be too rich for this menu. Thank you!

  5. I lovef it you're amazing. .. but I wish you'd make videos that do not include alcohol … Please take in consideration your muslim fans ^_^ love your recepies thank you 

  6. Thank you very much Beth I know how busy you are at shooting and editing but please don,t stop this is also great for birthdays and anniversary dinners and speecial occasions. Much blessings to you and your family.

  7. Hi Beth.. I haven't tried this menu, but I just tried the christmas morning breakfast menu you've made (on the kin community channel) for my bf parents. The pecan sticky bun is so amazing that I decided to make it again for our new year's lunch because everybody love it so much!
    Thanks you so much for the amazing videos. Keep up the good work Beth.. Greets from NL

  8. I typically love your recipes but this kind of "having people pay for the main course" seems uber tacky as dare I say, unpleasant! Why not just have a pot luck where people bring in the sides and dessert? The thought of having my guests pay for a main course is really unpleasant not to mention repulsive with American etiquette and congeniality!

  9. Hi Beth, Thank you for this Mini-Menu & especially for the time management tips. This dinner was fun to make because I wasn't stressing about the order to make everything. I made everything the day before & Christmas Dinner (for 6 people) turned out great. My mother-in-law is still telling me how much she liked the beef & gravy : ) Have a wonderful New Year!!

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