Beth’s Cast Iron Skillet Roast Chicken Recipe | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH


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  1. This video hits all the right buttons…… very well done, not afraid to try it, have always struggled with knowing how to present the roasted bird. Still a little concerned about all the fat, I don't want too much in the sauce.

  2. Hi Beth can you make a video for essential kitchen tools for beginner cooks, for example your 10 inches iron skillet. That would be really great for new cooks like me! Thank you!

  3. I tried this and it was awesome. I brined the chicken overnight first. It was so juicy. And I added kale pieces to the veggies at the last minutes after roasting them. It was so good I made it the following week. Thanks Beth 🙂

  4. I used your recipe tonight using chicken legs.. minus the veggie dish. It was a hit!!! It was bursting with flavor, simple to make, and inexpensive! I plant my own herbs, and everything else needed was in my fridge! Thanks!!!!

  5. This is a nice video recipe, looks delicious, but you have to clean all that hair off of your bird, when you were cutting with the scissors, you left plenty hair behind, and on the wings, people need to know, just rinsing your chicken off doesn't mean your chicken is clean, seeing hair on your food is gross, that is all, other than that, nice video!!!😊😊

  6. Recipes for non oven people would be awesome!!
    I personally know a few people who doesn't have an oven, (I know, but it's the first apartment) I know I'm about to move into one as well, and it would be awesome to know more recipes than pasta or Mac&Cheese…

    Would love it if you would make a "juvenile" playlist of non oven recipes 🙂

  7. A roast chicken has to be one of the most comforting dinners ever! I like the look of those skillets too. I use a Le Creuset cast iron enamelled shallow casserole though. Would that have the same effect?

  8. Just finished watching this video twice. As a 30+ year fan and chef of roasted chickens, I've got to make this recipe this week for my family. Looks absolutely delicious. Thank you Beth for taking the time for making and posting this video.

  9. Thank you so much for making inspiring videos such as this. I really do enjoy them, as well as your genuine personality. My own chicken and veggies are roasting away in the oven – I think I'll take a quick peep. : )
    Happy holidays!

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