Bethenny Frankel Quick Vegetarian Lunch Recipes


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  1. im a vegetarian and getting enough protein can be tricky at times! You really have to be creative if you want to have a healthy baalanced diet!! This looks delicious!! Thanks

  2. Hmmm. My grandmother had alzheimer's and was not a tofu eater. Meat eater her whole life. Seems like an awful lot of studies are quick to jump to conclusions based on very weak correlations in their so-called data.

  3. You'll see yeast extract in many products, even so-called natural products like veggie burgers. But now that the word is getting out about yeast extract, food companies are switching to yet another hidden form of a chemical taste enhancer.

  4. Boca Burgers are not all that healthy because they contain an ingredient called yeast extract. Yeast extract was one of the first replacements for MSG — it has the same effect on taste, and it contains a concentration of free glutamic acid, just like MSG. The difference is that it doesn't look as bad on the label, and food manufacturers can actually claim that it's all-natural.

  5. Thanks for the quick, delicious recipes! I think this is also the first time I have seen anyone use Spike seasoning, and have been a huge fan of the stuff since I was a kid (they even have a hot variety for people who want to spice things up a bit). And for the Tofu haters, I think as with anything, moderation is the key, and as long as you aren't eating nothing but tofu (or soy based products) you'll be fine.

  6. im single, and you're single. we aren't getting any younger. i will seriously marry you if you are intrested. we can cook each other nuttitious treats all the time. give it some thought.

  7. Tofu salad! Now I understand. I've seen my poor heart attack suffering father eat a plain rancid block of tofu with his meals for too long. Thank you, now I know there is a way to fix tofu.

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