Bethenny Frankel Healthy Brown Rice Breakfast Recipe


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  1. Fricken retarded people, Soy Milk is not good for you, its been scientifically proven that all Soy products are actually bad for your body. Do some good research for a change.

  2. I thought you weren't supposed to keep brown rice in the refrigerator for more than a day because of the bacteria it carries even through cooking? I've only read that online, but I've seen it on several sites warning about leftovers when it comes to brown rice.

  3. how anyone can have a question as to whether or not the rice cooked is beyond me….DUH!!!!…of course it's cooked rice…and this is so good…:o)

  4. @steffie562 By the way she is scooping out the rice from the bowl at the beginning, it looks like she starts out with COOKED rice. It would have been nice if she had clarified that in her recipe. A lot of people were wondering the same thing.

  5. The method I use is, I mill my rice in a coffee mill. Then I boil water and cook like cream of wheats. takes 5mins to cook. Just boil water add your milled rice, stirring it in, then remove from burner,and cover. Wait 5-7mins, stir once in between. It is much more healthy for you. Add brown sugar, maple syurp, raisins, vanilla, any thing you want. It is a good wholesome breakfast, with a low glysemic index, and lots of fiber.

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