BEST Vegetarian Potato Kibbeh (Kibbe) Recipe!!! MUST SEE VEGETARIAN POTATO KIBBEH


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  1. great tecipe thank you. we have Egyptian friends and they make a roasted eggplant dish. it is to die for. I couldn't find a similar recipe on ur site. all I know is they roast the eggplant, then they make a tomato based sauce, heavy on the garlic, and they sprinkle ground beef on top. ido u have any idea what this is called? or better yet, can u do a tutorial on it? lol thanks!

  2. Hi Dede, I don't see this recipe on your site. I saw the meat kibbeh and noticed you could add almonds instead of pine nuts. is this the case with the vegetarian one? pine nuts are around $8/lb (at least) and are a bit too expensive for me. thx.

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