Best Thai Heavenly Beef Jerky Recipe


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  1. You will love it and enjoy cooking the food which I don't know how to cook it properly and authentic. I'm getting ready to go to culinary arts school and learn the basic tools to use First and learn how to bake and cook food. I'm not set my goal could be any celebrity chef but to learn how to cook all culture food and love to see people enjoy it as of myself.

  2. The jerky looks great. Just saying that the round plastic lid you placed upside down on top off the racks directly under the main lid is actually used for making fruit rollups. Its a solid plastic with no spacing so that the liquid doesn't run. There's a youtube vid on it somewhere.

  3. great looking jerkey. small word of advice. don't say "uhh" so often. don't take it offensively, it takes away from the message when people use filler words. i.e. uh, and, um, etc.

  4. I don't know about anyone else – but I find that using my Nesco dehydrator cooks my beef at 165 degrees.  Instead, I turn it to its lowest setting (90 degrees) and let it dehydrate longer.  This makes a nice dry jerky that doesn't taste like it has been cooked.

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