Best Roasted Cauliflower Soup recipe by THE COOKING GUY


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  1. Wife LOVES cauliflower and I make the SAME roasted cauliflower (with pine nuts) over and over. Now I had something new to surprise her with and she loved the curry too. I didn't have immersion blender so I let big pieces cook down some and then put half of them in food processor to thicken soup instead. Really good recipe! Thanks!

  2. I roast my cauli in olive oil and crushed garlic, then the soup pan, add leaks and coconut cream, a litre of veg stock, then finish with Emmental cheese. Oh yum. Wish this guy would stop sniffing. Couldn't make my soup last this long in a video!

  3. Dude…At time stop 23 seconds you wiped your nose then dug back into the cauliflower !! Gross !! Metal scraping on that teflon is not smart…..your body does not pass heavy metals or teflon…lodges in your brain…causes dementia….

  4. To those complaining this goes too slowly in real time, just click on the gearwheel icon, bottom of video, and select 1.5 speed. You'll still hear everything but save time too if you must … but if Sam took the time to make this, can't we do likewise to watch it? As for his attitude, not everyone is Jenny in the Kitchen (love her, btw) but I made this soup and it's great.

  5. Ok so tell me…. why was max standing there filming up close at the end when you were finalizing the dish in the bowl and you never show us what the he'll you are doing. What purpose is there in showing the two of you across the room. Come on man

  6. This is very similar to one of my favorite soups. Until a couple of years ago I was a vegan. Had to give it up because a medication my doctor put me on did some damage to my kidneys but any rate, I digress. The difference is my soup added carrots to the roasting process, and instead of broth I used almond milk and then spiced it up with vegan cheddar cheese. A creamy cheesy cauliflower soup… Thinking I might make that again, good memories with that one 🙂

  7. I am learning a lot from you. Because, I can't stand for a long 🕙 your recipes make it easy for me to do some cooking with assistance. By, the end I am in so much pain because I am done. Therefore, I am feeling as though I am doing it for myself. ty, so much.

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