Best Rabbit Recipe, Ever. Lapin A La Mutarde. #SRP


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  1. "Moutarde" I think, Scott. I used to have the shooting of three farms in west Wales when I was much younger, and once I had my Shotgun Certificate instead of mucking around with an ancient air rifle (Yay! for Lincoln Jeffries BSA pre-WW1 model!), I could bring home 8 or 9 rabbits each evening. There was no French involved, but my mother had a way of stewing them with mustard that made the skinning and gutting (sorry, YouTube!) worthwhile. Now, fifty years on, I'm in Canada where rabbits are game with seasons, licenses and bag limits. Also happen to be married for the last 39 years to a vegetarian, so today I'm attempting to recreate this dish with some wretched form of Canadian soybean-made fake chicken. I have to say it smells good in the oven, even if it might not live up to the expectations of my memory! Such is life and we must make the best of it.

  2. I just made a dish just like that but without that shity pork stuff and I can assure u it taste way better than his u don't need pork stuff in there unless u are a pig

  3. Just finished making this recipe for the family. Awesome!! I forgot to add the garlic and parsley. Oops, Still, It was absolutely delicious. I get the crusty bread comment. You will want to just drink the sauce. The mash is a nice compliment. Thank you for a nice dinner.

  4. This quickly became one of my favorite videos of all time! Thank you for creating and posting. It's going to be rabbit tonight baby!

  5. I'm from the US and we don't have Sainsbury's Double Cream. I found something at Stop n Shop (my local grocery store) but it wasn't LIQUID like his is in the video. Can anyone recommend a liquid version of double cream we can get in the US?

  6. Are there written instructions anywhere? I want to make this but have lots of questions the video didn't answer. How long do I have the shallots in the chicken stock? How much butter do I melt in the pan? Etc. Etc.

  7. Ive been wanting to try rabbit for a while now, and when my chick found it at the grocery store, I found this video. Got the rabbit, and tried this out. Bro! That's some goooood eats! I tweaked it a little using the food that I have available here. I also used all of the meat too, since I just had the one rabbit, for me and my wife. Killer dish! Thumbs up for sure!

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