Best Parsnip Soup Recipe


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  1. Found your channel while browsing and I subscribed right away because you remind me of Chef John which am a fan off. This means you are my second best YouTube chef! Would be making this for my toddlers without the spice 🙂 Thank you

  2. 'We gunna chop us up an onion, throw it in there too cz it's soup yano, n that's what you do' – best line I heard all day. What a funny guy. Great vid. I'm making this now!

  3. I've just made some for myself.
    The only time I've ever eaten parsnip before has been roasted (I've loved it)
    I followed your advice and bought baby parsnips for my soup. The baby parsnips in the soup had a much sharper flavour than what I was expecting. Next time i may let it simmer for a little longer.
    Very tasty all the same, cheers bud!

  4. yes please 🙂 i have a friend who makes "root soup" with carrots and parsnips and celery root and tators and such. its deeelish but it doesnt have cumin and curry 😉 yummmmmm.

  5. Well summmmbich. I always thought parsnips were something like a cilantro type herb. You have just erased 40 years of ignorance. Nice start to my day. Not great but pretty good.

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