Best Mushroom Soup Recipe


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  1. They're little webcomics, that in some internet threads, are mentioned because they're relevant to the topic just like how your shirts are relevant to the food. You should check xkcd out. It's some funny stuff.

  2. Oh man I remember in school especially during garde manger we had to friggin tourne 4 flats of button cap mushrooms and 5 # of carrots a day blaaaah I say Blah to tourne… but I would have fun racing through it again.

  3. I like it when these two chefs cook together. They do not over power each other and they have fun. Love cream of mushroom, probably would like Chef BC's because I do not like it when one ingredient over powers the rest. I like tasting all the ingredients together. Great shirt btw BC, pretty hilarious. 🙂

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