Best Italian Veal Parmesan Recipe


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  1. Even though this video is nearly five years old I feel I must comment. For all the haters that are picking on one aspect or another on how he cooks this, SO WHAT!!! Every family and restaurant in every country of the world prepares dishes to their tastes, there is no one way of making any dish. This is The Bald Chef version of this dish. There are a few changes I would do to make it to my tastes, but that doesn't make his version any less worthy than mine or yours, just different.

  2. 5:02 Ok sry, but THAT has nothing to do with mozzarella. I don't know what it is and I'm surprised that a "chef" doesn't recognize mozzarella – but I have to stop u there.
    btw, what kind of parmesan cheese did u use? It looks quite pale to me. Is it Reggiano or Padano?
    5:51 Those Fettuccine look overcooked – are they al dente? What kind of fish did u put in ur marinara cauz to me it looks like spiced tomato sauce. Real marinara has to have some kind of ocean-relation. No olive oil to prevent the pasta from sticking and add flavour?
    If I would try to put a big chunk of veal like that on pasta my italian family would literally kill me. Its an insult to italian cuisine – nothing more.

  3. That's completely wrong. An Italian recipe? Are you for real? No one in Italy will add sauce on cooked pasta, without mixing them in a pan. And, for all that matters, no one in Italy will ever put the meat and the pasta in the same dish. About the Veal Parmesan, this is not the way you should prepare it

  4. Believe me after watching this vid I can take it you be amazed on my knowledge of Italian food been around some great guys not all chefs just regular people the had the skill passed down generations in their families in both northern and southern styles. Most of them own their own restaurants in my town.

  5. Another thing you seemed to be gasping for air in this vid to much to drink? It would explain the outcome of the dish. The panko bread crumbs is a good idea but you didn't put enough pepper in it to make a difference and that was more than more than a tablespoon of salt. My favorite part was when you said "Orrreeegggaaaannnooo" come on man I am Italian and I don't even talk like that. So in the end if you want to show people a dish to make , make it right even fucking olive garden does shit man and they really suck. I will check on this later feel free to comment on how you feel.

  6. Well I watched your video, just wondering before I begin do you watch Italian chef videos and if so is that where you get your lines and accent the fake one that is. You use the right ingredients but every true veal parmesan has veal and sauce and cheese cooked all together in the end for true perfection.  Your dish looks like fried veal with cheese with pasta on the side, a far cry from veal parm traditionally.

  7. Instructions on how to make Veal Parmesan The Bald Chef shows you how to make the classic Italian Veal Parmesan recipe. Just about any great Italian restaurant has this dish on its menu. The Veal is not grounded but Prime Milk Feed Veal Cutlets. The recipe calls for Veal breaded and topped Parmigiana Reggiano, which is a hard Cheese from Italy. This dish is prepared by pounding Veal cutlets flat and dredging them in Egg and Panko breadcrumbs that are infused with Italian spices. This recipe is easy recipe to make. The Bald Chef shows you how to make the best Italian Veal Parmesan. This fried Veal Cutlets are topped with and Mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese. Go to eat at any Italian restaurant and you will find this Veal Parmesan recipe right on the menu. Now you can cook this classic dish right at your home. The ball chef again will take you step-by-step how to cook this Italian recipe.

  8. Oregano can be left out of this recipe, there are many in the school that say Oregano and Basil should not be mixed. It will not change the recipe for Veal Parmigiana Reggiano at all. Give this recipe a try. Thanks for posting!

  9. It's spelled Panko and should be easy to buy I know that sell it in the local grocery stores in my area. I love the light flaky crust it produces and you can season it as you please. Great stuff. I hope that answered your question. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I am very happy that you loved the way The old Bald Chef cooked up some Italian veal. It does really taste good, give it a try you will not be let down with the recipe. thanks for checking in and hope you come back soon!

  11. Well I guess were alike on some levels I love to cook and eat Veal Parmigiana. You know it not that hard to cook an this is a easy recipe to make thanks for stopping in and telling me that you thought it looked incredible. Just keep on cooking.

  12. Joe I am a simple man with a simple life. Don't need a big mansion on the hill to be happy. I grew up in a 2 room house in the mountains of Colorado. My kitchen is small but that can't keep me from cooking great Italian recipes. I love this Veal Parmigiana Reggiano recipe with pasta and sauce. I thank you very much for your support of the Bald Chefs channel and your outstanding incite , and comments. Thanks Joe.

  13. Thanks man I love veal recipes and this Veal Parmigiana Reggiano recipe is the real Italian way to cook veal. Plated with some pasta and sauce how can you go wrong? If your mom was from Italy then I hope this recipe came close to what you think a great Veal Parmesan should taste like. I never want to out do Mom but this was my best try cooking a Italian classic recipe. Thanks and keep on cooking!

  14. Thanks, Glen! That looks delicious, and I really like Italian food! It's amazing that you can do so much in a small space. My kitchen is about the same size as yours but my stove and sink are "reversed". Your range top is much better, though. Thanks so much for your great recipes and ideas!

    All best, Jersey Joe 🙂

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