BEST healthy recipes to lose weight!! cooking with remi


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  1. How do you take those pills. I got a free bottle of the balance pills, but those things are massive. Love the bcca powders in sour gummy peaches, didn’t know that they had in an energy drink. Woo

  2. Remi! Girl cause of you and how you inspired me I lost 30 pounds in the last year. However I need more inspiration, I have another 30 to go before I am at my personal goal. Losing 30 tho has been amazing! I scored a really amazing guy, I fit in between a size xl-lg and sometimes even a medium when last year this time I was between a 1x and 2x that were tight. Do you have any advice on what keeps you motivated?

  3. theirs this really cool book you might like because its all abt eating heatly and sruff like that and its called How Not to Die and yeah idk just writing cuz i love your vids and i know you likemhealthy food and stuff and yeah ill stop talking. butif you do see this hi

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