Best Fried Rice Recipe, Ever! Pumpkin Fried Rice (Japanese Kabocha)


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  1. Really love your recipe, I'm gonna make it for my girlfriend. Just wondering can I "bake" the pumpkin in an oven instead of steam it? Because I don't have a big steamer. Many Thanks!

  2. Just tried this recipe for my bento box which was Amazing!!!! I didn't expect it could be that good, to be honest. Please update more frequently cuz your recipe is always good with no exception! 贊👍

  3. 美味しそう〜!I have to ask my wife to try this.  Fortunately for us, a Japanese supermarket is 16 minutes drive away from our house.  Thanks, Angel!
    By the way, this should be called as "Kabochaofan", you know? ^ ^

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