Best French Onion Soup Recipe


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  1. you are missing a HUGE point. This is a master recipe from a famous Famous Barr chef. Itis merely dance of butter and onion. you are missing 3 more steps of the initial onion development. !MORE onions, sea salt, butter pepper bay leaf, let them simmer to almost caral, then add even more onions and mentioned. no wine. organic broth, let that simmer and concetrate for 5 hours, do it again and finish with spice. let cool overnight.

  2. This soup looks terrible! It's to mushy and it has NO juice in it! It's certainly NOT the best onion soup as it states in the description. I'll NEVER use this recipe. And what is he talking about when he dumps the onions it's going to get loud! Man STOP exaggerating!!!

  3. Hi there! I'm planning on trying out this recipe. I would just like to ask what kind of onions you used? and if the kind of onion used will make a huge difference with the flavor? 🙂

  4. Beautifully done Dave!  Very Instructional!  This is one of my favorite soups!  Will give it a go now…. thanks so much for the video! 🙂  (Subscribed)   ps… was that a 13.1  "Mile Marker" magnate on your fridge? lol

  5. Try letting the onions sit still when you first introduce them to the pot. This will actually expedite the cooking process. The bottom of the pot is hot, then the onions (when introduced) cool the pot somewhat. By stirring them immediately cool onions on top cool the pot even more. Stir after some initial steam has risen enough to at least warm the onions on top.

  6. my absolute most favorite soup ever! and you, sir, did it justice!  I've seen probably every French onion soup recipe on YouTube cus I'm obsessed. 😉 Trying to perfect my recipe. But I've found that the simple, classic way is the best. You nailed it!

  7. Most recipes call for a little sugar rather than the flour.  The sugar makes it yucky sweet in my opinion.  Cooking the onions to a golden brown as you did releases more than ample natural sweetness without turning the soup into something that might just as well be squirted on a waffle. 
    I don't mind a little wine either, but for me not the pot.
    Putting a glass or two in my stomach I find helps cut the tedium of stirring, but has no more business in this recipe than the sugar does. 
    Nice vid. 
    Your method is the best.

  8. never, never use red wine ! only dry withe wine and grated gruyere (swiss) o french Tomme !on the roasted bread : rub with fresh garlick, Enyway, Onionsoupe is great. sorry for my english 🙁

  9. I just made this (finished eating it couple of minutes ago). I have to say that it was damn good but, as I haven't tasted any other onion soup I can't say whether it turned out good or bad. Didn't had the beef broth nor wine so I had to improvise but as I already said, I liked it.
    Thank you. 🙂

  10. Mine needs tweaking so I will try it your way, will use cooking sherry what I got for mine.  I cut the onions lengthwise, then cut off blossom end, then pulled back a couple layers, then sliced w/my meat slicer.  I like a very dark robust broth like some I had in Paris.  What brand was yours?  It's not dark enough (I'll add an OXO cube and reduce the salt) but mine was Swanson's and too light.  Do not use smoked Gruyere which was all the store had.  Next time I'll use what you did.  Thanks.

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