Best Foods to Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome | Healthy Recipes


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  1. * IBS पर आपके वीडियो से साबित होता है कि सुंदरता व मूर्खता का भी अच्छा मेल होता है ।😢

  2. Wow who is this??

    Her information is wrong!!

    She's setting folks up for failure or horrible pain. I was told for IBS to AVOID and NOT EAT any of the following…..

    No Fruits to high in fiber
    No Veggies to much fiber
    No Nuts
    No Beans

    No Dairy cheese, milk, butter, eggs or yogurt

    People can try it and see they feel much better after eliminating the above and things below. I did my own elimination diet I cut out everything and felt 100% better except then your left with not eating much. I had to cut out also….
    No no no wheat (Gluten), grains, oats, soy, DEFINITELY NO ONIONS, spicy foods, fried foods, no sauces or gravies, no green peppers, no flours, no condiments ketchup, mayo, no mustard… Plus a pamphlet I received from
    a new better GI has no chocolate, no garlic, no tamatoes, no pepper, no mint, no coffee or tea, no sugar or artificial sweeteners, no agave but I was told honey is ok to use but I haven't yet, of course no sodas, carbonated drinks, no juices tamoto, cranberry and no spicy or greasy foods, Doc says no red meat, no oils definitely no canola, sunflower, safflower or grapeseed oil. I use olive or coconut if I need some oil. I'm told to use chicken or veggie broth to cook with. No mixed foods combo no smoothies fruits & veggies absolutely not, no protein shakes, no mixing meat and sweets or meats with starches… Example no hamburger and bun, no hsmburger with ketchup or mayo, no mear and potatoes or Chinese orange chicken or bbq foods.

    Again you can eat what you want if your stomach or gut can handle it but I'm telling you a person who has had IBS for many years…. try elimination to see how your stomach or gut feels and introduce foods again one at a time. I eliminated mine first for 2-4 weeks then continued 8-12 weeks (2-3 months). I'm no doctor or specialist but some doctors give wrong information. I had to go to 4 Gastro docs to finally find someone that knows what they're talking about. This person here is absolutely positively WRONG!!

    For more info watch this doc he's good or search his channel to see what you like!!

    Click this link below ….

  3. You can have onions when you have IBS  if cooked well and chopped. chili power is not a trigger its a spice that will not harm your gut if only you use a very small amount. I too struggle with IBS for years I've learn to eat for IBS. you can also have apples well chopped as long as there pealed .

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  5. I think this is the most ridiculous video I have ever watch for IBS. have u heard of FODMAPs? pls don't teach people all the incorrect information. it's unethical.

  6. Stop misleading the world… Poorly researched video… Onions, Apples, Yogurt, Potatoes, Corn Powder, Chilli Powder… These can increase symptoms for many IBS sufferers… However very small quantity of all may work for some but these ingredients could definitely aggravate symptoms…

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  9. I have dealt with IBS ever since I was 13 in 2014 I got so frustrated with my digestive system I actually went to go get an allergy test I am actually allergic to gluten and dairy

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