Best Ever Pulled Pork Recipe on the LoneStar Grill


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  1. Wow that looked like a really good piece of tasty meat !
    I really got inspired by this video to do a butt myself again soon 🙂
    Just out of curiousity, this is the first time I see an injection being made with dressing. What is the reason to use dressing ? Is it the acidity to help break down the tissue so to speak ?

  2. Ahoy Brother!!! Badass cook!
    Of particular interest is your use of The Lone Star Grillz unit.
    Just a question, what made you go with the charcoal, vice splits?
    I only ask as I just ordered this unit & am watching everything I can to learn about it.
    I appreciate your demonstrating another facet to this unit I didn't know existed.
    Did you order that charcoal basket when you bought your unit, or after the fact sir?
    Thank you for showcasing your endeavor's!!

  3. I saw that same Italian dressing technique on an episode of diners drive ins and dives. Some guy running a bbq joint with a collection of trophies.

  4. Hey Chris! That's a good recipe and trimming technique from James. It's cool that this Pit has the charcoal option……….But…….a Top Shelf Stick Burner…
    should be burning sticks! Wish You would have used wood for the first part of the cook……and then when it was time to wrap…..then go and use the charcoal.

  5. Hey Chris, being from SC, and a fan of vinegar based BBQ, this really got my attention usimg the Italian dressing injection and rub glase. That was beautiful looking meat. I may have watched James's version, but prolly forgot I watched (use my aarp card here). Love those LSG, and this was well done bro. Enjoyed-Phil

  6. Nice scald you put on there looks great. Something I learned totally by chance. Substitute half natural applesauce for your apple juice. One night I was injecting and did not have enough apple juice and didn't want to drive 10 miles to get it. Did have some little 4 ounce containers of applesauce. Put them in and it made a huge difference. The bits of Apple seem to stay in the meat better. Plus it is fine enough to be injected easily without clogging.
    Keep up the great work.

  7. Great looking cook. I was curious on how the charcoal basket did. Did you have to add fuel? From what I'm seeing I like the Lone star smokers you and Greg have.

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