Best Clams Casino Appetizer Recipe


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  1. This video looked so well, concise and easy to understand.  But then you served them on a plate….what happened to the empty half shells?  I would think that there was quite a little or major mess getting them to separate?  If the empty half shells were used to balance the filled shells, in cooking,  I understand.  But, I can't help but wonder how they are separated without disturbing the appetizer.   Thanks for posting this recipe.

  2. I dig my own clams in Rhode Island. Made many different recipes with them. NO CHEESE in clams casino! Where is the bell pepper, bread crumbs, shallot and white wine butter sauce?

  3. Shuck little neck clams, make sure to save as much of the clams liquor as possible, discard the top shell, finely chop fresh garlic, add a few pieces to the clam, spoon in a half of teaspoon of sweet pickle relish, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into clams, add a few drops of Franks hot sauce, top with a few small pieces of raw bacon, cook under a broiler in oven on middle rack until bacon is beginning to crisp, at this point sprinkle a little regular unseasoned breadcrumbs over them and put them back into the broiler, check to make sure they don't burn, enjoy!

  4. I know one thing for sure clams casino is an awesome appetizer. This recipe shows exactly  how to make the best tasting clams casino you've ever tasted. Give this one a try and I guarantee you will never try another recipe to make this fantastic appetizer.

  5. Cook these Clams in this Clams Casino recipe and you will be impressed. I love Clams and Casinos too, got to be a winning boys hand, how can you go wrong with this? Thanks for the post and keep on cooking!

  6. I am a big fan of most clam recipes but I too love this easy and I think best Clams Casino recipe. I am so happy your family enjoyed this simple appetizer recipe. I love the feed back and I thank you for getting back to me, it makes my passion for cooking meaningful!

  7. I made this for the family and it went over extremely well…the best I've ever had. Thanks so much, I'm actually back watching because Im making them again haha. Good work once again.

  8. You are missing a major component of making clams casino. These originate from my home town in RI. Might also want to look up clam shucking, your way can be very dangerous. When you make your butter sauce, you should take some bread crums and add them to your sauce so its almost a moist mix (I find ritz crackers crums are incredibly tastey). Pat crum mixture on the clam, top with bacon. Bake for 20 min @ 375*. Please give it a try, you wont regret it.

  9. You can never go wrong with Calms Casino. This is a tasty recipe that has been one of my favorites for many years. Thanks for your support, and being one of my favorite subs!

  10. Not only are the Clams Casino great to eat, but they are just one appetizer that packs so much flavor. If I could send you some I would but I just don't know how! Anyway thanks for your good taste and keep on cooking!

  11. Thanks for checking in and watching my Clams Casino recipe. Your lucky you moved out of DC, I hope that after 33 years in the area I will be long gone too. Take care, and see ya soon!

  12. You will never find a better recipe for a clams, than Clams Casino! Bacon, Clams, Butter, Garlic and Cheese every Jersey tuff guy is required by law to eat a plate of Clams Casino once a month, and that's a fact! Anyway Joe This is a great appetizer that I love and my friends ask me to make any time they are in town. Sometimes I use Little Neck Clams, but in this recipe I used medium Clams , just a little more meat. Thanks for checking in and take care!

  13. Drinks and appetizers that is a natural combination. You can never go wrong with Clams Casino a classic recipe. Have the Bald Chefs creation and eat some Clams! Cheers.

  14. Lyndsay, thanks for your lovely comment about the Bald Chef! You are also learning new recipes, techniques, and most of all having fun with your channel too! Your friendship is one reason I made you one of my best featured Chefs on my channel, hope it helps you. Good luck in 2013 and keep on cooking great recipes!

  15. I just want to thank you for having one of the most informative, interesting channels on Youtube. I always come away from your videos learning something new (which is why I watch) and inspired to stretch my culinary muscles a bit more 😉 Happy new Year Glen! Looking forward to more foodie fun and friendship in 2013!
    Lyndsay ~The Kitchen Witch

  16. I love Clams Casino!

    Looks super great, Bald Chef! Thanks so much for your great recipes, and looking forward to a Happy New Year with many more of them!

    Jersey Joe 🙂

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