Best Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe


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  1. I've tried it and it was partially a failure. It looked really good, almost like in a restaurant… perfectly flattened, layered, cooked, but taste was not there. I took a solid chicken but it wasn't super-fresh. The biggest mistake was cheese, I took Swiss cheese which melted nicely but didn't taste good at all. It didn't have a taste as far as I can tell. I didn't put enough salt either… Anyway, I am right now doing a second attempt with a bit more salt, a bit better cheese (still not the gruyere cheese, I really can't find it anywhere in my neighborhood) but I've used mozzarella and very light layer of fresh Parmesan. Wish me luck!

  2. Thank you Chef EricArrouze im a home cook learning on my own but I'm saving to go to culinary school. But till them im learning from you along with other chefs so thank you very much for your time. Im a good learner so far people love what I cook.

  3. Hello Chef Eric.. thank you for posting your videos.. I love them and I am a stay at home dad and love to cook.. I am no where near as good as a chef… but I try 😉 I sub'd your channel and liked.. if you are a father like me… happy fathers day to you.. keep the awesome videos coming ………

  4. Chef Eric Arrouzé: Thank you for your presentation without all the usual theatrics. This is a really good recipe. I have some familiarity with making Chicken Kiev so, this should be very simple to put together. Best wishes.

  5. This recipe is very good but if you don't pound that chicken in a thin rounded shape, you can't tuck the sides in. Chef Eric show us how you got that rounded shape out of a long narrow breast. It turned out superb but messy on the sides. Thanks

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