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  1. As usual I am a big fan of Master Chef Mr Sanjeev Kapoor from inception days of Khana Khajana, His unique style of explaining and giving the scientific reasoning of every actions during cooking makes cooking a passion and inspire you to cook for your family and friends. Whenever I watch him explaining it reinforce my concept of cooking and motivates me to cook and relieve my Better half temporarily.

  2. One thing I do not understand. Why do you have to show your teeth while talking. Have you got some job done on your teeth that you want to show ? or it is a habit?

  3. That's not authentic butter chicken. That's a complicated chicken tikka in some kind of sauce. Watch Vah re vah – his butter chicken is delicious and less work!

  4. I am probably seeing Sanjeev Kapoor's Cooking Programs from past 20 years or so. Thats the legacy he has of bringing Indian cooking on TV shows and Youtube. Him and Tarla Dalal are probably the oldest bringing Indian food to public in a professional way.

    Thanks Sanjeev for taking the initiative so early when even Cable TV was so new….:)

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