Best Beef Stroganoff Recipe


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  1. I love this recipe with the wine and no flour. So many stroganoff recipes call for flour to thicken the sauce but I don't like to use it. I remember my mother made this very well and never used any flour. She did however add a dash of spicy mustard, it actually tastes good. Her recipe was similar to this except for the mustard. THANKS

  2. SUCCESS!!! A MOST FLAVORFUL DISH. I made some french bread also, and we soaked up all the yummy goodness off our plates. I will be making this again, soon. Thanks for the wonderful dish. Happy New Year!

  3. Absolutely Loved your recipe, Tender scrumptious delectable! I might change one execution, just a thought, Cook the mushrooms first without the seasoning until browned then add the seasoning and the wine for a bit of a more flavor, just a thought constructively! Your recipe looked amazing , Thank you!

  4. The Bald Chef shows you step by step how to make the best Beef Stroganoff you have tasted. Any of the classic Russian recipes you would want to cook should be this one.Beef Stroganoff  is a Russian/American classic but if you were really know how to cook this recipe correctly watch the video it will show you step-by-step how to cook this recipe the way Russians do it with an insider's view! Though this Beef Stroganoff is served throughout the world its roots come from Russia. The Bald Chef uses Choice Sirloin Beef in his classic rendition, but one could use a better cut of Beef in the preparation of this fantastically decadent dish. How easy can it be to cook the Best  Beef Stroganoff recipe on the web. The Mushroom, Beef, and Wine Sauce is combined with Sour Cream to make any Russian scream. The Bald Chef tops this traditional Beef Stroganoff on Artisan Egg Noodles.

  5. Okay… i am going to try this recipe.  It looks very good and not too difficult.  I have made your buffalo wings 3 times and they have been well liked by everyone eating them…. thanks for  sharing.

  6. that looked yummy, but it would never feed 2 people in this house, me an the ole lady woulda fought over who was gonna eat out of the skillet and who was gonna look at an emptly plate, lol

  7. Bald Chef, this time I was able to follow your excellent step by step instructions. I think I could do this! Thanks so much for showing how to make an obviously delicious, gourmet beef stroganoff! MMM!

  8. Yum-yum!    Thanks so much, Bald Chef!   This is one of my favorite recipes, but I wasn't exactly sure of the best way to make it . . ..  liked, saved, and favorited!

    All best and thumbs up,  Jersey Joe   🙂

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