Best Beef Stew Recipe – Classic French Beef Bourguignon


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  1. good work. this recipe as the chef suggests is truly americana style. in france, if you don't add a bay leaf and some thyme to your beef stew you will cease to exist, literally.

  2. Very nice. I use red wine in my stew to give it a delicious flavor and rich color. Hope you'll take a look sometime. Beef stew is a great dish that tastes even better as left overs the next day. Thanks for a great video!

  3. you should really fry the beef in the bacon fat and add the carrot + onion + mushroom to the stew… the carrot, onion, mushrooms brings a really nice earthiness/sweetness to the dish and makes the gravy even more rich tasting. the complexity that comes from all the original ingredient is what makes a real Bourguignon.

  4. That looks good, tasty and simple to make. As regards the insulting comments below, well, it just goes to show how many cowards out there are prepared to hide behind their keyboards and do down people they don't know – and probably aren't worthy of knowing. I wonder how many of them actually did the work and put a homemade video up? You did a good job, Chef Brian…

  5. Is this a stew for psychotherapy? Just make the stew and my mother will kick your ass on a beef stew without all the fancy blah blah blah….boring! …and never talk over the food, your spit gets all over it CHEF…and this looks un appetizing. WTF?

  6. You have taken a lot of undeserving criticism here. This is a great way to do the classic with less hassle. Thank you kindly for your well organized video on your tasty dish.

  7. ho my god, I'm french and this is a bad recipies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nothing in france cooking the "boeuf bourguignon" like in this video!!!!!!!!
    first you must lets your beefs during all the nigth into the red wine. after you must cut ognion and fresh carots!!!!!
    all the cooking in the same casserole with thyme and laurel. cook during 3 Hours minimum

  8. Americanized is an understatement. Starting with the crock pot. In saying that, those flavors cant be beat when combined. Not something I would try because the tech is as much a part of the recipe as or the ingredients. The onions needs to be slow roasted in balsamic vinegar over low heat and covered w/ wax paper.

  9. Not a "classic" Bourguignon by any means, but looks pretty tasty – and he's right, it is the ultimate comfort food!

    (Always marinade the beef overnight in a bottle of red wine with onions and carrots).

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