Best Beef Steak Tartare Recipe – How to Make Steak Tartare


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  1. Hi, Peruvian here, Im new to french cousine. Just wondering, is this meat raw? or the seasonings have some acids or any other component that slightly cook them? Like in the case of the peruvian ceviche in which the fresh fish is ''cooked'' by the acids of the lemon.

  2. You French are horrible, arrogant disgusting people *spit on you. On top of that.. Ketchup!?! You deserve a beating and choke out for being French but ketchup? Ahh you've taken it to another level!!!

  3. I recognised Anthony Bourdain's recipe, and my suspicions were confirmed when you used his "utterly destroy it" line. There's nothing wrong with that, but he also adds a splash of cognac.

    To anyone apprehensive about raw meat– if you quickly sear the outside of the beef in a pan, and I mean seriously just wiping the meat on each side, it's still basically raw, but you'll have killed any bacteria. Challottes make the best onions.

    Hand chopping is the way to go if you're after texture. Don't use Wonder bread like this video, a decent baguette is just as cheap. Pair with room temperature St. Agur cheese and the driest red wine you can find.

    Elk, bison, and venison all make great tartares as well. Enjoy, my fellow raw meat enthusiasts.

    EDIT: I'm not trying to criticise you at all, chef. We both prepare tartare very similarly, I'm just trying to elaborate a little for anyone else who wants to try this at home.

  4. i wonder if it fine to cook the meat a little bit because i never taste raw meat before so i don't know if it will taste good for me and i really want to try out this recipe tomorrow ! hope to get some useful suggestion.thank you!

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