Best Beef Bourguignon Recipe


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  1. I watched the first 45 seconds…anybody who dumps ground pepper into a bowl and considers that to be seasoned beef has no business in the kitchen…

  2. I don't know how I missed this one Chef, I am going to make Beef Stew today. So I always look around to see what others are doing and this popped up. This is the one I will be making today, great looking Recipe Chef. I have done Julia Child's version but I like the style of yours better, I will let you know how it came out. BTW, my Daughter did do your Gulumpki Recipe last week and she is raving about it. I am going to South Carolina tomorrow to see her and my Grandchildren tomorrow, maybe I can get he to do it again. Thanks Chef!

  3. Glen, somehow this video escaped me seeing it before… looks like you uploaded it 2 weeks ago.. i watch all your videos and never want to miss any, but finally saw it now. Looks good, i will surely try it, but im definitely doing the stuffed cabbage first, lol!

  4. I love Beef Burgundy. I make this very fall season for camping in a dutch oven of the open fire pit. It's always a big in our camp. Some of our camp neighbors drool when the Beef Burgundy is cooking.

    Over all awesome video and good recipe. The only critique I have is your audio was to low.

  5. I've only made it the "classic" way, but I want to give your version a try since it looks delicious. Question, though – why do Americans usually flour meat before browning? That's never made any sense to me.

  6. Looks pretty French to me Glen! I've made Julia Child's recipe for this before and it was magnificent! Your version is about the same and quicker! Looks mighty fine for me especially with the weather about to get crazy. Not too sure where you're located, but if your in the area of the bad storm that's about to hit y'all stay safe and warm! TC & TFS! :))

  7. This would be perfect for a cold winter night dinner! Looks delicious! However, my husband is allergic to mushrooms. Do you know of any good substitutes? Perhaps I'll just omit the mushrooms and make it anyways.

  8. Hey, Bald Chef 🙂 Good to see you again and hope you had a great trip! Your Beef Burgundy recipe looks really delicious, too!
    Thanks very much, thumbs up as always, and welcome back, Norfolk Joe 🙂

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