Best Bean Soup Recipe …easy and delicious


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  1. I make a bean soup using three or four types of beans. I use chorizo diced small and fry it off with the onions. I also use concentrated tomato puree and fresh garlic pulped then add chopped plum tomatoes a couple of bay leaves and about an hour on the stove simmering away. The paprika in the chorizo gives it an extra layer with the smoky hint of flavour along with the tomato and garlic! Just about to make one in fact. Big chunk of french stick dipped in and Bobs your uncle!

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  3. AH FUNNY !!!
    Those sausage wouldn't be leftover at my house. LOL I use Italian Sausage in my bean soup. But I like your style of cooking and came here for new ingredients. THANKS !!! :D

  4. Chef Buck l really don't comment on YouTube but l think your personality is freaking awesome and I'm definitely gonna try this method today. Very helpful video… this better taste good or I'm taking my thumbs up back lol 

  5. Next time I'll leave out the red pepper, but other than the heat this was an amazing soup and it's going in the book to remake. Double thumbs up loved it.

  6. cant wait to make this chef buck.looks like an awesome recipe.have never used or heard of cannellini beans and i cant recall even seeing them in the stores,
    thanks for another easy recipe.going to make this soup as soon as i can get the beans.

    you and the CG take care.

  7. I just love your recipes and this one definitely delivered! I added a jalapeno pepper, half of a green and red pepper, half a can of corn, a handful of a cilantro/parsley mix and some light cream. Spicy but  delicious. I topped it with some shredded mexican cheese, green onion and sour cream. Wow just delicious. Thanks again Chef Buck!

  8. I have never ever made bean soup with canned beans! But… your recipe looks amazing and quick to make. I will definitely give this a try! I do love the Randall's Great Northern Beans in the jar for an addition to my Chili recipe. So you have inspired me lots.

  9. Healthy Ice Cream tasting request – Hi Chef Buck and Camera Girl, love your show. Will you please do a tasting of healthier ice creams I've recently heard about. Halo Top, sold at Whole Foods and other stores (where it is sold is listed on Halo Top's website) has low calorie, lower carb ice creams that I want to try. They have 7 flavors and the only one I heard bad things about is the mint chip, which 3 children here on Youtube said had too strong a mint flavor for their taste and too few chips, but if you like mint then I understand if you want to try it. Halo Top sells strawberry, chocolate, lemon, vanilla, birthday cake and mocha chocolate chip (as well as the poorly reviewed mint) and are abit pricey, but the manufacturer may consider sending you coupons for an honest review on your show if you ask. I trust your opinion and would value a review from you both. Other low calorie ice cream flavors I've recently heard good reviews about are Arctic Zero's butter pecan and cookie dough. Arctic Zero's ice creams get awful reviews generally (or the ones I've seen have), but these two flavors have gotten positive reviews and I'd like to know what you think of them. Lastly, another lower calorie item I've recently heard about (I'm dieting and pre-diabetic and so keep an ear out for low calorie, lower carb foods) is Elli Quark, which is a yogurt like food. All these items I believe are sold at Whole Foods. I know Arctic Zero sent a set of flavors to another lady's channel for her to review so as these items are pricey you can probably contact Arctic Zero and ask for a sample. I don't know if Elli Quark will send samples for you to review but can't hurt to ask. I am ill (pre-diabetic, other ailments). At some point I hope to set up a Youtube channel featuring healthier foods but I am unable to do that at this time. If I were able to do the reviews I'd do so but am not so I thought I'd ask you. I've asked other Youtubers who's opinions I trust as well to review these products because if they really are good then it's a public service to let people know that healthier, tasty options are available. P.S. Your show almost always makes me smile. Thank you.

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