Bento Lunch Box Recipe Ideas | Vegan Vegetarian Special by Bhavna


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  1. Hi Bhavna ,
    Your ideas are amazing.I have tried giving hard shell taco's to my son in lunch box but not in Bento lunch box.
    He said that taco's became soggy..and I made sure that everything was at room temp while I packed his lunch box.Do you have any idea why it became soggy???

  2. Bhavaji thank you for replying. We r vegetarian so I need more morning breakfast recipes please send more my son loves your recipes like Gobi Manchurian, spring rolls, allo paratha its super thank you very much

  3. Thank you for sharing. I find it hard to come up with new lunch options for my daughter, she is vegetarian as well and after awhile peanut butter sandwich doesn't cut it.
    The bento boxes are very cute! Your sons eat very well 🙂

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