Beijing-Peking Beef Recipe-How To Make Cook Peking Sliced Shredded Beef-Pork-Asian Food Recipes


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  1. Mai thank you so much I can make delicious Chinese and American meals and deserts know I can cool almost anything I like your very talented nice and patient if you didn't mind can u make me a video on how to make home made oreo ice cream

  2. Great video!Β  You did a great job explaining slowly πŸ™‚Β  I would have loved to have some peaceful oriental music in the background to compliment you.Β  Thanks for the great recipe.Β  I will certainly be trying it soon.

  3. Hello sunshine Mai. Gorgeous dish. I have just been on your website to print the recipe as my hubby has asked me to make this for him this week when I showed him the final product. He does not often give me requests so this must be a winner! Have a nice week πŸ™‚

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