Beginners guide to Mediterranean food for Vegetarians and Meat Eaters


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  1. Y’all, vegans and vegetarians need protein too…the most protein heavy vegan item there is the hummus, at 2 grams per 2 tbsp. That’s not enough even if you eat the entire thing of hummus.

  2. I think it was better to refer to north african rather than middle eastern, good recipes however! Im moroccan and i recognise these flavours back in our cuisine

  3. Tip:
    Don't put the serving spoon back in the eggplant after it's been in your mouth. It drastically reduces the shelf life if it ends up as a leftover that goes in the fridge… due to the gems u are introducing from your mouth.

  4. Lol not to toot my own horn, but I have worked a lot to make chicken breast perfect 👌 every time. Thighs are cheaper now and I use them more because I grew up with them and wings, but wing are sooo expensive now that more ppl eat them and I fear the thigh will become much more expensive soon. Hopefully the breast gets letf behind lol 😂

  5. Next time keep the cucumber 🥒 skin grate it, strain it and use either the juice, if your someone who doesn’t like the skin or add the juice and some zucchini as I see you still have.

  6. I tried to make your wendys spicy chicken sandwich and I need you to fix it. I went dry then wet then dry then pan. Before getting into the pan, all of the coatings fell off or stuck onto my fingers. 🙁 I had enough in there so I went ahead. When they were ‘done’ they didn’t look as crispy or red as yours: more burned and still chewy skin that I ended up just removing (taking all of the spices with it) and then I just had a chicken sandwich. Still good and juicy but… not spicy and not breaded. Also I added way too much smoked paprika and not enough of anything else because it was like not spicy but too smoky flavored. H E L P yours looks so good :/

  7. Never wash the peppers after peeling them, because you are washing down all the flavor. Instead take greater care while peeling them and not leave any black spots. Also letting them rest covered in coarse salt for five minutes helps alot with the peeling and cools them down a bit making it easier to handle. Eggplant can also be roasted on an open flame and not in the oven, for a more smokey flavor and a nicer color (you need to roast them until the skin cracks, blackens and looks like a checkers board). Also, you might not want to add lemon or vinegar in anything that already has tomatoes in, the acidity is overwhelming. Otherwise, good job 🙂

  8. My boyfriend (meat eater) loves the Mediterranean vegetarian stuff! tatziki, tabbouleh, falafel, pita, humus! great tips to make this for meat eating family, they will be so happily surprised!

  9. I love how you two are able to please vegan, vegetarians, meat eaters and everyone in between, keto, paleo, ovo-lacto, pescetarians… not an easy task to not offend the opposite group. Cudos for embracing many lifestyles!

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