Beer Can Chicken | Smoked Beer Can Chicken Recipe Malcom Reed HowToBBQRight


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  1. Malcom,that chicken looked amazing,just went out ,got a chicken,found my injector, going to unsweetened apple juice and throw some rosemary into the beer can.Thanks for the info,I’ll let you know how it went🇨🇦👍🇺🇸

  2. I love these vids. So fascinating to watch these Artist chefs make their Creations. It's just amazing to me how these spices and herbs and things all work together in the chemistry in the biology of it all it's just amazing to me

  3. Hey Malcom, I love your videos. But, beer boils at over 200f and the thigh was brought to 175f… So the beer will never steam, unless you severely overcook the chicken. Why not just prop it up on the grill and cook it without the beer can in the cavity?

  4. What’s the name of that injector, sure shot? Where can I find that bad boy!!! Love your videos, food looks and taste good. I post your videos on my Facebook and my bbq/smoking friends love them.

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