Beef Tips And Rice Recipe


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  1. Chef I love your recipes but would really like to see you put the recipes in the description of what you're cooking along with a link to your website.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Wow, Glen, this is so creamy, rich and obviously delicious that my knees trembled and buckled with desire! Your roux was made perfectly, and the addition of the wine was the ideal compliment to the beef and mushrooms! Oh, be still my heart! Utterly, my friend!

  3. Looks great Glen, I got some chopped beef steaks and I'm trying to decide how to whip them up, I believe I could do this with them but I also love coating them with a flour mix and having a nice fried coating on them as well….decisions decisions! Do you have a favorite on beef steaks?

  4. Boom! My kind of plate! Nice job Glen – That looked GREAT!! funny you say that about olive oil – I had a guy explain something similar to me about a week ago… He explained that if the oil smokes and you use it it becomes carcinogenic. The grapeseed oil has a much higher smoke point than the olive oil thus not making it carcinogenic. I have no idea if thats true or not.

  5. What a delicious-looking meal,  Bald Chef!    Whenever I make a meal, I almost always serve it on a bed of rice  . . .   I guess that great minds think alike?  <lol>   🙂
    Thanks so much and thumbs up as always,   Norfolk Joe

  6. Glen that looks wonderful. Vegetable is high in omega 6 fatty acids and most people get too much of this oil in other forms of fat they eat. Canola oil is better than vegetable, but the best oil to use would be coconut oil, olive oil, or avocado oil. Either one. That dish you cooked really looks awesome. X

  7. Hi Glen,
    I REALLY enjoy your channel KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!.
    Please excuse my naivety but I am not sure what beef tips are.
    My local market carries a thin sirloin tip steak that I assume is to be cut up.
    One friend told me that it is to be cut into cubes and another told me into strips and yet another said NO, you don't buy the steak, you ask for the tips only.
    Please help with my stupid question.

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