Beef Stew Recipe: How To Make Beef Stew: Brazilian Feijoada Black Bean And Beef Stew


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  1. Hi!
    First of all..really nice interpretation of our national dish with the ingredients avaliable in the US, I am sure it was delicious!

    We usually use 2 or 3 types of sausage (linguiรงa, paio, calabresa), pork (ears and feet are very common) and dry aged beef. If you cook it the day before and leave it in the fridge overnight, the flavor gets even more intense and you can remove most of the fat before reheating (it will solidify and float).

    And this is how its pronounced: Fei – Joe – Ah – Dah

  2. Wow this looks fantastic. I love the way collabs always seem to open up new avenues by taking us in culinary directions that we might not regularly travel, This little trip to Brazil is amazing. The levels of flavor here are extraordinary. Now I have to check out bananabaygirl. Well done. Love the Yoda and the Feijoada. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Brazilian food, and the recipes are new to me. This dish looks like it would be full of taste, spice, and as you say " levels of flavor" How could you not love this stew recipe this is not your Grandmothers Stew. Need to check this out and give it a try. Nice!

  4. It looks so good Richard! I bet the kitchen smelled so good while it was cooking! I would love some of that about right now! i love black beans and beef together, to bad my husband doesn't eat red meat, but I am so tempted to cook this just for me!! Thanks for sharing another fantastic recipe!! I love Brazilian food, specially grilled chicken, you have to come up with Brazilian grilled chicken recipe soon!!!! Thanks again for sharing your awesome recipes!

  5. Looks wonderful! Will definately try it soon as it looks really comforting for the dreary weater we are having right now. Just one question though. I was always taught not to add salt to beans until they are almost cooked but you soak yours in salted water. Do you think I have been told a wives tale or do black beans react differently to say… cannellini?

  6. yeah man 31lbs down kinda tired of living on protein bars and beef jerky so i'll be living it up when I hit that 200lb mark! probably gain like 7lbs back though but it'll be worth it lol

  7. Damn it Richard!
    Now I have no excuse but to buy myself a slow cooker. lol ๐Ÿ˜€ I just have to try this recipe, it looks so delicious. My mouth was watering from the beginning to the end, and beyond. Unfortunately I live in the UK and do not have access to all those fresh exotic ingredients you usually use for your Thai meals, but this one I will be able to make it. Once I bought a slow cooker that is. I always like your videos, but I love this one. ๐Ÿ˜€ Would like to see more of this kind! Cheers!

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