Beef Stew Recipe


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  1. Seen all your videos Chef ! We need more videos from ya! Chop .chop and get camera girl outta bed and maybe you 2 hook up some meat pies or something? You 2 are awesome!

  2. i gonna have to disagree with ya here Chef Buck, my beef stew is so different from this one… and healthier… but it never hurts to have one more recipe added to the list, thank you.

  3. i remember many years ago we would buy a tin of beef and vegetables stew and my mother would add water and feed the whole family. It was delicious…Dinty Moore? I cant remember the  brand but I still think delicious.  Your recipe comes close

  4. Hey Buck, I made this last Saturday and it turned out okay.  I didn't have any coriander or cumin, so I used Allspice, ground mustard, and parsley.  I figured – Hey, it's allspice,so it must have all the spices in that one jar!  I may be wrong on that point, but you have a solid recipe here.

  5. oh, I feel the same way–we're just starting to get into the Fall weather here in Seattle; I'm gonna make up a batch of veggie stock this weekend for some soup recipes. Thanks for the kind comments.

  6. love a good bowl of stew this time of year, you can't beat it especially here in good old cold and rainy Ireland! this looks delicious, a little different to how we here but will definitely be giving it a try. thanks 🙂

  7. Made it in the pressure cooker instead cos (1) I am impatient; and (2) I am forever short on time. My husband told me to tell you it was yummy and thanks!! LOL Everyone loved it.

  8. I made this and tried it with coconut flour to avoid the extra carbs. Did not thicken like regular flour. I did a flour and water mixture mixed that into a shallow pan of the stew soup. It worked great and the stew was a big hit with a side of corn bread muffins. Why did I bother with low carb flour you may wonder? Same reason I order a diet coke at McDonalds…

  9. Yum! I'm gonna hafta make me some of this,…'cept I got moose meat.
    Must have biscuits tho. I'll try yours 'cept w/out the bacon in it. Wait,……
    why would I do that?? Let the good times roll!

  10. I kept waiting for the bay leaf to see if you knew what you was talking about, you did not dissapoint.
    The magic potatoes made me laugh, I need to get out more. LOL
    I make a poor mans chicken stew from a chicken thigh and similar veggies but I boil down some cabbage and celery first with the chicken, real low heat, and once it falls off the bone I add my other veggies and spices and a teaspoon of oyster sauce to darken it up, it lasts all week and tastes better each day. Your stew looks A+.

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