Beef Soup recipe


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  1. Make some beef stock the day before instead of using bouillon.  Taste so much better,   and its real cheap to do.  Get some bones with a little meat on them,   local butcher shop or Asian market will probably have some.   Broil them in the oven,  15-60 minutes,   your choice,  however long you want.  Then put them in a crock pot.    14-48 hours later (Your choice),   its ready.   For added taste,  when you start add some vinegar to help break the bones down,   and some veggies.   Onion skins and pepper tops,   you just want the flavor from them,   take them out later.

  2. I've made this with mushroom soup before, and it's really tasty. I like mine with fresh carrots, too … it adds a little contrast color. Sometimes I switch out the mushroom soup with diced tomato and basil for an Italian flare. 🙂

  3. OK stupidest question ever… What size dutch over did you use for this? And what kind of potatoes? Forgive a poor city boy these dumb questions! Thanks for all the great videos and Happy New Year!!!!

  4. This seems very good! For the people in Europe, can you tell more about the mushroom soup? Because something like that would be hard to find in our supermarket, just an idea of what is in there. Greetings from Europe!

  5. Damn that looks good Bob and what the hell, sometimes you have to shake up the fucking oil…a shame you had no bros around to enjoy it with. Happy Holidays and thanks for keeping the brotherhood strong! BPB4L!

  6. Well, now. This looks great. I'll make some right after Christmas, and use whatever I find in the fridge. After all it is soup, right? The mushroom soup is something I've never tried, thanks for the idea! Most likely, I'll throw in a handful of barley. It'll make a nice variation of beef barley soup.

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