Beef Short Ribs Recipe – Smoked Texas Style Beef Short Ribs on the Weber BBQ


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  1. I would have not cut the ribs apart before cooking. . .I would have left them all together and also why do you char the outside of the ribs? Won't that taste like burnt charcoal? Just askin

  2. Looks amazing! Keen to give this a crack.
    What make and model is the thermometer you used? Looks awesome being able to monitor the temperature of both the meat and bbq so easily.

  3. hi Sir can i ask someting here about short Ribs? i just done my smoked beef ribs at 500Gram, but its so chewy and cant even bite… do u know wht happen with my short ribs beef? i cooked 225F in 2.30 hours

    TQ nice hear ur replay sir

  4. Looks killer! I missed this last week when it released. I hadn’t seen Jabin post any vids for awhile. Thought maybe he got fired after that whole turkey “burger” controversy. Glad to see some new videos!

  5. Yummy! I got a Weber kettle and a WSM. I’m thinking WSM for these. After all next week is Memorial Day. Smoking season has come. Of course the big perchas this year will be a Kamado joe, and then the smoking season will be unending.

  6. Another great video. Been cooking short ribs with the slow and sear the last two years and it never fails to deliver. Bit of sauce on the side is the preference in my house.

  7. Hey Jabin, love the video sir. Roughly how long did you smoke them? I want to try these and I'm curious if it something I can do after work or if this is a weekend cook. Thanks in advance.

  8. Great, straight to the point. Thanks! Should the SnS be over one or two bottom air holes or does it not matter as long as you cover the remainder of the bottom grate and get to temp appropriately and maintain? Or does that affect charcoal burn rate?

  9. Just got back from Austin and had pretty good beef short ribs (at Coopers, on Congress and 3rd St. downtown). These look better than what I had. I usually smoke a lot of pork at home, but getting some beef this weekend and having a try!

  10. dude ive never seen a bigger sh17 eatin grin on any sales person in my life. You are so excited about what your doin and what your about to dig your choppers into. I wish I were there to share that bbq experience with you and to enjoy those spectacular ribs. thumb sup

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